The Suicidal Penguins

What If My Watering Pot Wasn't Red?

What if my watering pot wasn't red?
Would it be a cow?
Would it be a woman in my bed?
Would it be a hole,
On the right side of my shoe
Or would it simply be just blue?

What if the red watering can painter got drunk last night?
What if he'd say: "Oh fuck, I don't feel alright."
What if he'd stay in bed today?
I can't imagine what happened if he did.

'cause then my watering pot wasn't red.

It would be an aeroplane,
It would be another crazy president,
It would be piano
That falls on my feet
Or would there finally
Be some water in it?


She likes being alone,
She likes having a place she calls her own.
She likes wasting away,
But there’s always something gonna make her stay,
Something gonna make her stay.
She hates being trapped,
She wants to run away being somwhere else.
She will always be blamed
For the mistakes other people make,
 Mistakes other people make,
Mistakes other people make.

She likes being alone.
She liks having a place she calls her own.
She is having a plan ...
 Make this never happen again.
Make this never happen again.
Make this never happen again …


Could Somebody

Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my name?
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my mind -
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my name?
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my head last night!
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my wife?
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my … -
Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my wife?

Could somebody help me 'cause I lost my pants last night!

Wasted Room

Lying in my wasted room,
I got nothin' to do, I got no one to be with me.
I’m gonna wake up real soon 'cause I’m feeling sick and it's already ten past two.
The smell of parfume on my shirt from the last night's affair.
I open the door to get some fresh air
And I realize I’m standin' naked on the street, yeah.
Walkin' down the road again, tryin' to remember what ever happened to me.
Watching an big mad man comin' from the other side of the street,
Suddenly I remember where I’ve been
And that I desdtroyed the whole place.

Now we’re running down in a long chase,
But he grabs me and parks his fist in my face.

Oli King

He likes swords,
He likes rockets,
And Game boy pockets.

He wants to go to the moon.
He is his friend and he’ll be there soon.

He wants to build a spaceship,
He wants to fly away.
He wants to go home to his planet
And play hand in hand with his friends.
Oli King, Oli King, I want to be like Oli King.
Play, play, play
One night stands
Every day,
Atomic bombs
Are not bad
And what if my watering pot
Wasn’t red?

Mrs S

She walks along the street,
I’m sittin’ here and sight her.
I’ve lost myself complete.
I’m feelin’ like a scorer.
I just wanna know her bra-size and her name.
There she goes away, it’s everytime the same.
She is
Better than Sophie,
Smarter than Laura,
Cuter than Marie,
But she isn’t here.
Neater than Sarah,
Hotter than Cindy,
Sweller than Betty,
And so far away.
Saturday party there was this girl,
Haunts me in my dreams and makes them swirl.
We start to talk, she looks in my eyes,
Me on her pants, it was romantizise.
Well I’m on the ropes now
And she is sex-starved.
She is a dream that I just wanna have.
She hasn’t enough.
We’re already cohere,
But then I wake up

And she isn’t there …

Over, Done, End, Go On

Remember the first time we’ve met,
The first time we sat
On our beds talking shit
And laughing about it. How we laid down on the ground,
Dreaming around.
Dreaming around …
Dreaming aloud.

Remember all the things we did
And how we always got through with it.
All together bound … Somehow …
But it didn’t stay … And what it’s worth today?


Tell me who cares about future
Or about whats going to be?
Tell me who needs to think about
When everything we need is you and me? 

Tell me who needs a future
When everything’s happening now?
It’s all we need to think about
And the rest will make up somehow!


I’m stoned, yeah,
I’m stoned, yeah,
I’m stoned,
I’m so stoned.
I’m so,
I’m so ...
Stoned? YEAH!!

I’m on drugs, yeah,
I’m on drugs, yeah,
’m on drugs,
’m on drugs.
I’m on,
I’m on …
rugs? YEAH!!! I’m clean, yeah,
I’m clean, yeah,
I’m clean,
I am clean again.
I am,
I am …
What? STONED!!

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